"Keep doing what you're doing; just tell the BSA to 'keep its knots.'"

Boycott Knots encourages adult volunteers and professionals in the Boy Scouts of America to:

1) Continue, or even increase, your service to Scouting, and

2) Decline to receive all adult awards until such time as the BSA repudiates its anti (openly) gay policies and grants equivalent membership status to LGBT volunteers, members and their parents.

Boycott Knots supports the work of Scouts for Equality, The Inclusive Scouting Network and other similar organizations, and provides an alternative form of protest for those adults in the BSA who may not choose to return their Eagle medals, or who may not have earned that rank.

This website was founded by Joseph G. Buchman, PhD (Scout, 1968; Eagle 1972, Vigil 1975, Lodge Chief, 1976, Philmont Retreat staff 1995, NOAC planning committee member 1996, 1998, 2000, 2006).

In 2012 Dr. Buchman has declined to receive the Distinguished Service Award from the Order of the Arrow until such time as the BSA's anti-gay policy has been repudiated. He launched Boycott Knots to encourage other BSA Scouters to join in this form of protest.

"I understand and support those Eagle Scouts who have chosen to return their medals as a form of protest. I've created this site as an alternative form of protest for those adult scouters in the BSA who did not earn the Eagle rank, or who choose to protest in this way. I trust this unscoutlike BSA policy will change soon, and that we will realign with the World Scouting Movement in recognizing all volunteers and members in a spirit of a true global brotherhood -- one without regard to gender identity or orientation. I respect the desires of all in Scouting to provide a safe environment for young scouts, but the failure to distinguish pedophilia from homosexuality remains an unfair mischaracterization which has done far more harm than good to both the BSA's youngest members as well as far too many worthy, dedicated adult volunteers and parents of Scouts."

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This blog states:

"What’s more, Scouting’s volunteers and professionals have devoted (and will devote) equally long hours to studying the issue. You have to applaud that."

Well, no, with all due respect, I do not applaud that. This is as self-evident a core moral issue as all the other ugly forms of racist and sexist discrimination of our past (and present)

The WOSM has not "devoted" (wasted?) years and years debating this issue. (As I understand it, the BSA is out of alignment with those WOSM standards.) Neither has the GSA or any other youth serving organization I can think of. From Little League to High School Theater or any other not-religiously affiliated community organization. 

What's missing here is leadership. What has taken its place is a barometer of "scouting family opinion" without regard to any moral core.

The BSA has been on the wrong side of history on this issue for far too long, is increasingly isolated, and has done significant self-inflicted damage by failing to distinguish keeping Scouts safe from pedophiles, and accepting the LGBT community. The former is ugly and violent; the latter are full of, in my experience, many good, dedicated Scouts and Scouters. 

Lumping them together was and is wrong. It should stop now without need for further study. 

Likewise being concerned about consenting adult sexual behavior is none, or should be none, of the BSA's business -- and if it were, then I'd suggest there's a bigger problem with "moral standards" in the heterosexual Scouter community than in the LGBT one.

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For those who feel there may be some Biblical reason for excluding the LGBT community from full membership in Scouting, please watch:


For those who have not seen Nelson Block's letter on this issue, it is available online at:


If you would like to have your comments added here, or if you have questions or suggestions, please contact me by email at drbuchman @ gmail (dot) com.